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Mercator Group is one of the largest corporations in Slovenia and South East Europe, with its primary activity being the retail of everyday household items. Through its grocery stores, Mercator serves more than 640,000 shoppers daily and employs more than 24,000 people.

Enabling Click & Collect – visibility of inventory from stock rooms to shelves

Click & collect gives Mercator's shoppers the freedom of when and where to shop. By integrating its online and back office systems together with assortment management, shelf replenishment and order preparation, Mercator is able to identify customer behavior and orchestrate their supply chain with demand for products in stores. Mercator employees benefit from optimized picking paths using store layouts, macro plans and shelf addressing to increase the efficiency of store operations and improve shelf replenishment.


In this presentation excerpt, Marko Cedilink – Head of Supply Chain Operations, Mercator, describes Mercator's implementation of Symphony EYC G.O.L.D. to support in-store replenishment processes and deliver Mercator's Product Availability Initiative project using G.O.L.D. Click & Collect.

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Delivering the right products at the right time to the right shelf

Building on the G.O.L.D. Click & Collect solution, Mercator extended the integration of the Assortment and Retail Space Planning and Supply Chain Management solutions, delivering assortment management, store-specific planogram planning and in-store planogram execution modules. Key successes include: Assortments aligned with inventory availability; In-store execution and compliance with shelf product mandates as well as store associate empowerment.

“With Symphony EYC we can identify buying behavior and ensure our supply chain operations respond to demand across all our stores, enabling us to offer shoppers more choice regardless of their geographical location.”

Igor Maroša
Senior Vice President
Mercator operations for Slovenia and Croatia

NRF Stores magazine profiles Mercator Group and their implementation of the Symphony EYC G.O.L.D. Click & Collect solution.

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