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Localized Assortment Management and Retail Space Planning

Localized Assortment Management and Retail Space Planning

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Symphony EYC solutions drive increased profits with full visibility solutions and management analytics to better control inventory management, local assortment management, store clusters, shelf and retail space planning. Our solution suite uniquely features a unified, integrated platform for better combined visibility into category management, channel and retailer performance – supporting more accurate decision making and facilitating effective collaboration through workflow planning. Our solutions enable you to generate and execute a truly local assortment at cluster and store level – increasing sales, minimizing costs, and driving increased profits to optimize assortment choice and availability.

With this solution suite, including Assortment Management, Category Management Insights, Store and Shopper Clustering, Planogram Automation, Mobile Shelf Management, Customer Decision Trees amongst others, we provide highly accurate forecasts based upon category trends, insights and opportunity analysis. Having access to better information helps you prioritize your actions based on the value of expected returns. Our assortment solutions enable you to make item selections that are relevant by customer type. You are also able to localize assortments across channels that satisfy your most valued customer segments whilst incorporating the operational constraints of available staffing and merchandise space. Our store-specific planograms are tuned to individual store space, customer demand and preferences which helps you align floor plans to target local customer product and shopping behaviour. Through score-carding reporting and real-time KPI evaluation, we deliver visibility across your organization where it matters most, both at the strategic planning and tactical execution levels.

The Next Generation of Category Management : Put Consistency, Visibility & Access in Retail
  • Cloud based platform, zero IT footprint
  • Integrated data model and solution UI
  • Efficient workflow management
  • Works in any browser on any device

Localized Assortment Management & Retail Space Planning

  • Provides full visibility and management analytics
  • Controls inventory, local assortments, store clusters, shelf and store planning
  • Features unified management of category, channel, retailer performance
  • Provides accurate forecasts based upon category trends, insights, opportunity analysis 
  • Enables truly local assortments at cluster and store level 
  • Increases sales, minimizes costs, increases profits
Merchandising & Category Management
Merchandising & Category Management

Merchandising & Category Management
Space Optimization

Retail Master Data Management

“With Symphony EYC Product Assortment and Retail Space, Midland’s will be able to drive a two-way dialogue between central services and the stores in order to move to a more shopper-driven retail model.”

Mark Ruttley, General Manager IS, Midlands Co-operative UK


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