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Customer-centric Solutions for Retailers and Manufacturers

Transforming business with proven solutions and expertise

Symphony EYC offers strategic planning, process improvement and software solutions to move merchandise efficiently through the supply chain – helping create, manage and fulfill customer demand across all channels. We help retailers and manufacturers better understand their customers and drive more strategic and profitable execution across every channel.

What sets Symphony EYC solutions apart are our market-leading customer behavioral insights and strategies anchored by our unified retail platform for supporting omni-channel commerce. We help retailers and manufacturers increase customer loyalty, maximize margins and improve productivity with flexible, modular solutions - aligned to your business needs and offering a low total cost of ownership for driving a rapid return on investment.

Our solutions are built around nine pillars that are critical to retailer and manufacturer success:

Customer InsightsCustomer Insights
Loyal customers drive profitable growth. Symphony EYC provides market-leading behavioral analytics and insights to help you better understand who your customers are, their value, preferences and how they can be influenced to purchase more, profitably. We give merchants and category managers better information to prioritize categories and products as well as to competitively set pricing based upon customer preferences. When retailers use Customer Insights solutions, they make more customer-driven decisions, resulting in better assortments, more effective pricing and promotions that grow customer loyalty, increased sales and new customers. Manufacturers are using our cloud-based platform and targeted reports to collaborate more effectively with retail partners to meet customer demand and to more efficiently assign associated investment and resources – greatly improving ROI.

Localized Assortment & Store-Specific Space Planning Localized Assortment and Store-Specific Space Planning
Symphony EYC solutions provide full visibility and management analytics to better control inventory, local assortments, store clusters, shelf and store planning. Our solution suite uniquely features a unified, integrated platform for better combined visibility into category, channel and retailer performance – supporting more accurate decision making and facilitating effective collaboration through workflow planning. Our solutions enable you to generate and execute a truly local assortment at cluster and store level – increasing sales, minimizing costs, and driving increased profits to optimize assortment choice and availability.

Merchandise Management & Store OperationsMerchandise Management and Store Operations
Symphony EYC provides retail buyers and category managers comprehensive, unified master data management across all products and channels – presenting a consistent, real-time view of all products, prices, locations, vendors and customers. Having accurate, unified information across all channels is critical for effectively managing purchasing, pricing, promotions, imports and inventory valuation.

Omni-Channel Fulfillment and Supply Chain Optimization Omni-Channel Fulfillment and Supply Chain Optimization
Symphony EYC provides global inventory optimization for all channels with an agile, integrated supply chain and customer-driven fulfillment network. We provide replenishment strategies and execution based on forecasted channel, customer and promotional demand, localized assortments, offers and availability plans. Symphony EYC solutions optimize your inventory levels, supply chain and logistics to support a customer-driven service delivery model – minimizing capital spend and decreasing operational costs.

Demand Forecasting and ShapingDemand Forecasting and Shaping
Symphony EYC provides solutions that help you better understand omni-channel customer buying behavior which enables you to optimize global inventory levels to meet demand. We apply customer insight data, segmentation and loyalty information and overlay it with predicted demand and inventory needs. Our solutions integrate with merchandising, supply chain, inventory and replenishment to give you the most accurate real-time information in time to make the most strategic and profitable decisions.

Promotion and Trade Funds EffectivenessPromotion and Trade Funds Effectiveness
Symphony EYC provides Promotion and Trade Funds solutions for evaluating activities against your success metrics. We provide a clear understanding into how and why your customers are responding to promotions – whether it’s by expanding purchases, pantry loading, trying new products or trading down. We utilize a standardized set of metrics and reports based upon a single source of data for every promotion to help you evaluate and rank promotions on their effectiveness. By integrating your promotion success metrics into the planning process you will have the vision and control to make agile adjustments and redirect promotional budgets into the most effective activities to build shopper responsiveness and improve your bottom line.

Pricing Insights and ExecutionPricing Insights and Execution
Symphony EYC provides solutions to track and evaluate price and promotions across all channels. We are unique in how we profile targeted customers and track response to events and promotions. Our solutions feature customer conversion-rate metrics and track price sensitivity for customer segments across any channel, whether it’s in-store, kiosk, digital or via on-line interactions. We provide evaluation analysis tools for tracking advertisements, in-store demonstrations as well as modeling the impact of price and promotional changes.

Customer Marketing and Loyalty
Customer Marketing & Loyalty
Symphony EYC Customer Marketing and Loyalty solutions are multi-channel tools for more accurately matching customer engagement activities with each customer. Our robust customer insights and automated segmentations provide the most accurate understanding of your customers’ shopping patterns, demographics and psychographics so you can more successfully target personalized offers and promotions real-time and engage customers how and where they prefer to shop - at home, in-store, on-line and via mobile devices.

The Connected CustomerThe Connected Customer
Engaging customers in a more personal, relevant and convenient way, produces exponential returns in customer retention and purchase frequency. Symphony EYC mobile and in-store solutions enrich customers’ shopping and purchase planning. We bring together product, customer and inventory master data to enable more productive direct engagement with customers through personalized, behavior-specific offers that enrich the shopper experience through every channel seamlessly and consistently whether in home, in-store, on-line or mobile devices.

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Enabling customer centric retailingSymphony EYC customer-centric retailing solutions and expertise help retailers and manufacturers transform their businesses.

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Through value-driven strategies, we offer services to enable a better customer experience and optimized operations. Our strategic consultancy defines and guides brand direction to retain valuable customers and grow the business. We also offer specialized solution delivery and change management services that accelerate business capabilities. Symphony EYC services help guide our customers to determine the initiatives that will deliver their sales, cost reduction and margin goals as well as identify actions to attain long term customer growth.

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