Symphony EYC Space Optimization


Space Automation

Speeds store planogram generation, improves retail execution and drives rapid ROI

Symphony EYC’s space management software, Space Automation, dramatically improves retail space planning by automating and reducing the time required to generate store planograms. The customer-centric retailing solution drives inventory optimization. It tailors an agreed strategic assortment plan to fit a cluster or individual store - taking into account the optimal assortment, available physical store space and the collective merchandising rules and metrics of the manufacturer and retailer. In seconds, our retail space planning software creates a store planogram accurately reflecting local shopper demand preferences. It is a powerful solution that improves planogram production and retailing collaboration - converting merchandising and assortment strategies into higher performing and customer-relevant inventory.

Now there’s no need to manually produce planograms for every single store. Symphony EYC’s space management software solution helps implement merchandising strategies more efficiently by applying the merchandising rules and assortments to the category and customer characteristics of each cluster or store. By automating the production of large volumes of planograms based on category-specific business and merchandising rules, Space Automation helps you easily manage new product introductions and delists, as well as manage exceptions without interrupting production. 

  • Efficiently generates store planograms by cluster or store
  • Improves inventory performance
  • Identifies and manages the effects of cannibalization
  • Supports improved retailer and manufacturer collaboration

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