Mobile Shelf Management


Mobile Shelf Management

Improves planogram implementation and compliance

Mobile Shelf Management is shelf planning software that drives in-store merchandising success with a fast, convenient solution for accelerating planogram implementation, improving compliance and controlling in-store shelf management. Available as an mobile application on smart phones and tablets, the cloud-based service enables manufacturer, field and retailer store operatives to access and capture information, whenever and wherever its required, and receive instant compliance reports. 

By improving planogram compliance, Mobile Shelf Management empowers teams to make the right products available to customers at the right time, in the right place. The granular planogram data benefits retailers - it fits the reality at the individual store level and allows them to execute restocking routines more efficiently. Retailers use it to verify shelf layouts, implement resets and drive sustainable compliance. Manufacturers use Mobile Shelf Management to implement agreed shelf plans and monitor compliance. It is an effective shelf planning software solution for driving in-store merchandising execution.

Mobile Shelf Management features:

  • Cloud-based service offering instant feedback – enables planogram compliance check, comparison with agreed planogram, and exception report identifying assortment or placement non-compliance 
  • Immediate response to effects of versioning with timely visibility into changes in shopper demand - stores can react instantly to category resets using mobile devices
  • Corrections of inaccurate dimension data at the shelf – enables field and store operatives to co-operate and fix problems of inaccurate dimension data to build planograms 
  • Support for new product introductions and trade promotions – helps retailers reset shelves faster in line with agreed planograms 

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