Mobile Shelf Management


Mobile Shelf Management

Improves planogram implementation and compliance

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By leveraging advances in smart device and cloud-based technology for mobile shelf management, organizations can drive in-store merchandising success with fast, convenient solutions for accelerating planogram implementation and improving compliance. Symphony EYC offers mobile applications that enable the in-store condition to be captured through apps that take advantage of image recognition technology or barcode scanning connected to cloud-based services that enables manufacturer, field and retailer store operatives to access and capture information, anywhere and at any time.

Mobile Shelf Management solutions from Symphony EYC feature:

  • Cloud-based service offering immediate feedback to field, store and HQ employees
  • Enables planogram compliance checking, Out-of-Stock analysis through comparison with agreed planograms
  • Eyes in the store - online exception reporting to identify which stores and audits require reallocation of resources
  • Support for new product introductions and trade promotions – supports more rapid reset of shelves aligned with category planning
  • Generates store specific realograms of the true in-store shelf condition that can be utilized for further analysis and future planning
  • Provides the opportunity to resolve in-store issues where and when it matters most, at the shelf 
  • Delivers a greater utilization of field rep and store employee resources and enables more effective use of their time when auditing within the store.

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