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Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Management

Inventory Optimization and Supply Chain Management

Symphony EYC provides global inventory optimization for all channels with an agile, integrated supply chain and customer-driven fulfillment network. We provide replenishment and allocation strategies and execution which are based on forecasted channel, customer and promotional demand, localized assortments, offers and availability plans. Symphony EYC software solutions optimize your inventory levels, supply chain and logistics to support a customer-driven service delivery model – minimizing capital spend and decreasing operational costs.

With leading software solutions including G.O.L.D. Supply Chain Management, Demand Forecasting, Replenishment and Allocation, and Warehouse Management, we give you a unified view of customer insight, loyalty and segmentation information along with channel demand forecasts, customer demand and promotional demand. Our inventory optimization solutions ensure product availability at time and place of need by unifying master data, merchandise operations, replenishment, allocation and supply chain processes. We optimize and automate fulfillment based upon customer-driven collection and delivery preferences - anywhere, anytime. We provide comprehensive and optimized warehouse management systems as well as provide Global Available to Promise (GATP) for accelerated decision support.

  • Complex channel and logistic networks: multi-echelon optimization
  • Investment buy capability
  • Economical order quantity
  • Unified retail platform and Scalability - any size of operation
  • Exception-driven workflows
  • Complete inventory management - synchronized Allocation and Replenishment
  • Seasons, Promotions and Special Events Management
  • Total supply chain visibility and insights

Voice Directed Warehousing

Voice Directed Warehousing

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