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Warehouse Management

Optimize operations while reducing costs

Warehouse management software optimizes warehouse operations and delivers real-time visibility - from order to dispatch. The Symphony EYC G.O.L.D. Warehouse Management software helps manage, control and optimize logistics operations and features multi-site, multi-organizational and multi-lingual capabilities. With comprehensive WMS capabilities, G.O.L.D. Warehouse Management provides permanent visibility for managing all physical and information flows to execute operations for one or more locations in a local or centralized mode. This supply chain management software manages storage to provide optimal order preparation and productivity tracking.

Our warehouse management solutions help decrease error rates while improving productivity with industry-leading, voice-directed technology. By coupling voice technology with existing data collection methods onto a single device, we revolutionize your warehouse environment - dramatically increasing operations efficiency while lowering hardware and support costs. Our solutions also enable you to transform warehouses into profit centers. By executing value-added and specialized services such as repackaging, branding, order splitting and reverse logistics, you convert from logistics-only operations to profit centers.

G.O.L.D. Warehouse Management solutions also feature:

  • Advanced forecasting and replenishment technology to optimize warehouse inventory levels with decision support tools for accurately anticipating and managing resource anomalies 
  • Optimization of warehouse pick slots and allocation processes for reducing storage costs and increasing throughput and labor efficiency
  • Optimization of truck capacity and transportation routes to reduce transportation costs, speed product delivery and reduce carbon footprints

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G.O.L.D. Warehouse Management

  • Provides real time visibility 
  • Optimizes warehouse operations, inventories
  • Transforms warehouses into profit centers
  • Reduces transportation costs, enhances trailer capacity
  • Decreases error rates up to 80%
  • Increases productivity up to 30%

Customer Story

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Supply

MSF Supply chose Symphony EYC's G.O.L.D. Warehouse Management solution to ensure control and traceability of medicines, inventory management of 20,000 items and accurate goods picking.

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