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“Pick up and Go” Shopping for Retail Wins

The Symphony GOLD click and collect software is an integrated solution that addresses the exploding retail trend for of drive-in shopping. Today’s omni-channel shoppers dictate where, how and when they purchase items. Online ordering allows consumers to shop, literally on the go; while real-time availability of products on retailer websites ensures shoppers are never disappointed with substituted items. Customers also save by eliminating shipping and delivery charges.

We facilitate order fulfillment for customers that place collect & click orders on-line and collect the items directly from pick-up locations. For retailers, it’s about understanding their omni-channel strategy and fulfillment options, how best to manage inventory and to be clear on the role they want all their channels to play in the mix. GOLD Click and Collect supports retailers’ success by ensuring product availability, order fulfillment and delivery of promise. With integrated replenishment, inventory and master data, omni-channel inventory is the core of today’s supply chain.

Symphony GOLD’s expertise in omni-channel strategies spans order management, order preparation in distribution centers, fulfillment centers or stores; and managing the replenishment cycle of products. This capability is vital in order to provide excellent customer service, however consumers choose to shop or drive thru. The solutions also allow retailers to adapt to their customers’ changing needs, expand their offers and efficiently optimize their existing store assets.

  • Provides omni-channel commerce: Buy anywhere, fulfill from anywhere
  • Supports optimized inventory management
  • Ensures product availability
  • Enables online ordering
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Helps retailers optimize existing assets and meet growing channel demand

Mercator Group Success Story





Mercator recently launched its Click and Collect service, giving customers access to hypermarket assortments coupled with the convenience of timed collection and home delivery. Read more on 'Mercator Success Story' page.


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