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G.O.L.D. Master Data Management

Reduce costs, increase loyalty

Symphony EYC solutions give retailers the competitive advantage of having convenient, accurate master data to respond quickly to issues, support strategic decisions and manage change. G.O.L.D. Master Data Management software (MDM) gives you the power to centrally manage key organizational data with better visibility and a shared data structure throughout your business. It allows you to manage items, vendors and locations based on the requirements, operational challenges and best practices of your business. For example, if a vendor agreement is expiring, the system can manage it by date and automatically begins ordering from the replacement provider. Our solution also dramatically improves efficiency by customizing and automating new product adoption. If an item is under-stocked or recalled, the system automatically manages item substitutions. 

Achieve and maintain true data integrity
G.O.L.D. MDM works with our Product Information Management (PIM) solution to give you full visibility of data throughout your organization. These master data management tools solutions automate and standardize data management processes and provide the foundation for maintaining data integrity over the long term. These highly robust and flexible tools help you get the right products to the right stores as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. From allowing products to be associated with multiple vendors, to enabling you to actively execute assortments based on planogram feeds and direct updates from stores, G.O.L.D. solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges retailers face.

  • Single master data across all channels
  • Centrally manages organizational data
  • Provides visibility on a shared data structures
  • Supports flexible solutions for managing items, vendors, locations
  • Ensures customer-responsive, yet profitable channel and store operations

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