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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Engagement and Loyalty Management

Effective CRM execution through customer, campaign & offer management software

The key to developing a loyal and profitable customer base is first understanding the unique attributes of each customer and transforming this understanding into effective and sustainable engagement. This means defining offers that are relevant to your target customer segments, personalized based on a high-definition view of the products, pricing, channels, and services that will be most effective in developing engagement, when and where it will have maximum return on investment. 

GOLD ENGAGE software combines segmentation analytics and automated offer management onto a single customer relationship management platform that dramatically reduces the guesswork and labor required to convert volumes of customer, product, and transaction data into actionable, targeted, and highly effective campaigns that improve customer retention and acquisition. 

  • Comprehensive Visibility: By integrating all available customer information – shopping frequency, basket size, purchase history and behaviour - ENGAGE delivers a single vision of the truth and eliminates the potential for fragmented decisions or generic customer offers. This unique view of the customer’s buying characteristics ensures comprehensive management of the relationship, creation of optimized customer segmentations, and the ability to identify your customer groups with the most potential.
  • Actionable Insight: Retailers leverage ENGAGE’s interactive site, customer, product, campaign, and geographic analytic tools in real-time to understand trends and customer tendencies. For example, with ENGAGE retailers have the ability to track individual customer segments, get a clear understanding of the contributions they make to both margin and overall revenue and manage them based on the analysis.
  • Targeted and Measurable Digital Marketing Campaigns: ENGAGE delivers full control of the campaign management process. Fully integrated with the retailer’s point of sale, ENGAGE’s loyalty engine ensures fulfilment of all offers provided to the customer, seamlessly at home, in the store, atcheckout, or on the go. If a customer is targeted for a discount on a specific purchase, the offer is loaded to the customer’s account so when the purchase is made, the discount is automatically applied. And because ENGAGE tracks all of the customer’s activity at the transaction level, the campaign’s ultimate financial impact is easily calculated.

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What is ENGAGE?

David Gentry, SVP Retail Solutions at Symphony GOLD presents an overview of ENGAGE.

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Press release: Heinen's

GOLD ENGAGE enables the US grocer Heinen's to adopt customer-driven retailing operations that stretch from shopper, throughout the store and back to the warehouse.
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