G.O.L.D. Direct Store Delivery

Seamless, efficient merchandise rotation from vendor to retail

For retailers and vendors, G.O.L.D. Direct Store Delivery (DSD Software) is a win-win. Retailers use Direct Store Delivery to ensure products are delivered and merchandised by the vendors – reducing labor costs. At the same time, DSD software gives vendors more control in merchandise display and stocking. Consumers ultimately benefit from DSD software – enjoying merchandise that is consistently fresh and available. 

Our solution features state-of-the art technology enabling retailers to optimize the direct delivery of products from vendors and manufacturers to the retail stores. It is easy to deploy and gives retailers a centralized database system with complete transparency to authorize assortments, place and manage orders, receive inventory, reconcile invoices and report on vendor performance.

G.O.L.D. Direct Store Delivery provides:

  • Centralized item, vendor and price data hosting to ensure accurate, updated data at time of receiving
  • Intuitive blind receiving to present authorized purchase orders and vendor options to the user at the moment items are scanned - ensures order quantities are not exceeded as additional products are delivered
  • Real-time invoice reconciliation, created at corporate level, at time of store receiving
  • Automated replenishment with accurate sales and demand forecasting - improves freshness, in-stock positions and product demand trends
  • Vendor scorecard for tracking and managing key performance indicators related to vendor compliance 
  • Total mobility through ‘thin’ technology platform – does not require IT support at store level, universally compatible and easily accessed by handheld devices or desktop browsers

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G.O.L.D. Direct Store Delivery

  • Increases freshness, reduces spoilage
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Reduces store IT equipment costs 
  • Reduces accounting costs in validating price inaccuracies
  • Reduces excess product inventory costs