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The Connected CustomerDigital Touchpoints & Customer Engagement
The Connected Customer

When you engage customers in a more personal, relevant and convenient way, you see exponential results in customer retention and purchase frequency. Symphony EYC offers digital, mobile and in-store solutions to enrich customers’ shopping and purchase planning. We bring together product, customer and inventory master data to enable more productive direct engagement with customers through personalized, behavior-specific offers that enrich the shopper experience through every channel seamlessly and consistently whether in home, in-store, on-line or mobile devices. 

The Connected Customer solution suite includes the Slingshot AppG.O.L.D. Click and Collect / Drive and Omni-Shopper Mobile App which provide omni-channel capabilities for customer fulfillment and order management. Our customer analytics and insights provide automated segmentations for the most accurate understanding of your customers’ shopping patterns which enable shared insights and strategies between manufacturers and retailers.

The Connected Customer

  • Combines product, customer and inventory master data
  • Supports personalized, behavior-specific offers through every channel
  • Influence the path through the store and the categories and promotional activity they experience 
  • Features customer analytics and insights for automated segmentations
  • Optimize order management: processing, scheduling, picking
  • Unified customer, product and inventory availability ensures seamless customer experience


Slingshot is now part of Symphony EYC.

Contact us, read press release or visit to learn how Slingshot complements the existing Connected Customer suite by enabling closer collaboration between FMCG suppliers and retailers to encourage customer purchasing across social, digital and printed channels.

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