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Increase assortment relevance with optimized category management

G.O.L.D. Assort: Localized Assortments As retailers demand more frequent and insightful category proposals, Symphony EYC’s assortment management solution automates and optimizes critical category management processes – accelerating category reviews up to 80% and improving category sales up to 25%. Symphony EYC helps to proactively identify and assess new market opportunities while promoting collaboration between retailers and manufacturers for building category growth - maximizing sales and profitability.

Assortment management optimizes item assortments - providing consolidated category overviews for strategic planning, benchmarking and gap analysis at the category, brand or any level of product segmentation. It enables you to easily pinpoint areas requiring improvement for making strategic adjustments to assortment, pricing and distribution.

By automatically consolidating all of your critical information in one place, both EPOS and consumer metrics data, you save time on manual tasks and have everything at your fingertips for effective strategic planning and identifying new opportunities. Assortment management also helps you manage by exception – providing a view across categories, retailers and store types to identify opportunities and distribution gaps.

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