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Symphony EYC is a powerful new force in retailing environment, combining the sophisticated customer analytics of EYC with the multi-channel retail and distribution optimization of Aldata.


Metiri Mensus

As the exclusive distributor in Australia and New Zealand for GOLD Merchandising and Category Management solutions, the acquisition of the Metiri Menus business into the Symphony GOLD Asia Pacific operations extends the company’s ability to support existing business while positioning itself for continued growth in the region. Metiri Mensus is renowned locally for helping its helping its retailer and CPG clients to optimize assortments and category space for improved business performance.

Fifth Dimension

Symphony EYC acquired UK based Fifth Dimension to add virtual reality and advanced store planning to GOLD's category management suite. The combination of the Fifth Dimension solutions and Symphony EYC category management suite for integrated assortment, store and shelf planning and optimization will provide retailers and CPG manufacturers with the unique ability to model the impact of their decisions on the assortment, resizing of category space, and overall in-store shopping experience.


Aldata & EYC

Aldata and EYC merged to form Symphony EYC.Aldata, a retailing and distribution optimization company, and EYC, a customer engagement specialist, formed a new entity to enable customer insight and customer engagement strategies to link directly into retail assortment, merchandising and supply chain optimization to meet customer driven demand in real time.


Aldata Cosmic

Aldata acquired UK-based Cosmic Solutions Ltd, a leader in assortment management and category insights. The acquisition represented a key step in Aldata’s Category Management and Space Planning strategy, enabling retailers and manufacturers to collaborate better, driving category growth and effective execution at the store and shelf; while reducing waste and costs, increasing customer satisfaction and improving product profitability. Learn how these solutions continue to influence Symphony EYC’s strategy.


Aldata Apollo

Aldata acquired the assets of Information Resources Inc’s (IRI) Apollo Store Specific Space Planning. The acquisition created Aldata Apollo and provided a shopper-centric planning approach utilizing optimal levels of item and shelf data granularity. Learn how these space planning solutions continue to influence Symphony GOLD’s strategy.



EYC was founded with a mission to provide a strategic direction to identify and drive customer loyalty programs for retailers as well as engage the manufacturers in collaboration on those customer-centric insights and strategies.


Aldata GOLD

Aldata GOLD, the flagship product line from Aldata since 1986, provides retailers and wholesalers a comprehensive solution for unifying demand forecasting, merchandise management, store operations and supply chain management to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve margins.

Meet customer-driven demand with GOLD

Unify retail assortment, merchandising and supply chain management to streamline inventory, optimize operations and profitably meet customer demand.

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Customer based decision support for retail

Discover how market-leading behavioral analytics and insights can help you better understand who your customers are, their value, preferences and how they can be influenced to purchase more, profitably

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Symphony GOLD

Meet customer-driven demand with GOLD, the Unified Platform for retail.


Customer Insights

Discover how behavioral analytics and insights can help you drive profitability.


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